The Cremona Music Festival and the Cremona Summer Festival feature a full program of competitions, masterclasses and concerts.

Students and teachers of stringed instruments, piano and wind instruments arrive in town to take part in Cremona Summer Festival to play in the land of Stradivari.

Chose one of the projects below to discover what BEMYMUSIC offer to international groups

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BeMyOrchestra is a recently formed music ensemble composed of professional musicians, music professors from local music schools and local secondary schools students.

It was founded in the context of the start-up BeMyMusic with the purpose of promoting music tourism.

BeMyOrchestra hosts schools, orchestras, groups that want to sightsee the city and enrich their music journey by performing pieces/songs by the greatest local composers: Ponchielli, Monteverdi and Verdi. The repertoire includes pieces taken from the opera and it is designed for a wide and varied audience.

The BeMyOrchestra can be requested by both private organizations and agencies that intend to bring tourists closer to great music.


“The Ancients sang their way all over the world, they sang the rivers and the ranges, salt-pans and sand dunes. Wherever their track led they left a trail of music. They wrapped the whole world in a web of songs”

(B. Chatwin)



BeMyMusic offers organizational support to those orchestras, bands and chorales (both Italian and international) planning to visit Cremona. It might also provide assistance with technical equipment (such as microphones, amplifiers, woodwinds, timpani, marimba, glockenspiel, bass drum, piano, double bass, cellos, etc.) and give a city tour to discover the main music attractions. (For organizational reasons, city tour should be requested in advance).


One of the goals of BeMyMusic is to offer to young musicians from all over the world the chance to perform either individual or group masterclasses with teachers from the Cremonese music environment.

Masterclasses will focus on ”local composers” such as Claudio Monteverdi, Giuseppe Verdi e Amilcare Ponchielli.

According to age and expertise levels, classes might be organized as follows:

- Masterclass junior: young people between the ages of 8 and 14.

- Masterclass Senior: between the ages of 14 and 19.



BeMyMusic organizes orchestral summer traineeships both in Italy and abroad (minimum 1 week). They are addressed to young people between the ages of 8 and 18; the traineeship is a fantastic opportunity to improve instrumental skills through a full immersion experience.

Furthermore, the traineeships offer the chance to perform in front of a live audience and the repertoire might be adapted according to the group and designed for the audience.


Cremona is city of music, luthier and violin makers. It is an internationally recognized centre of artistic and music excellence. Cremona and its surroundings, were the cradle of great musicians such as Claudio Monteverdi, the baroque Virtuoso, the romantic composer Amilcare Ponchielli and Giuseppe Verdi, one of the major opera composer of all times.


The music journey includes live performances by music ensembles and opera giving the chance to retrace the history of our city and culture. Moreover, the audience might enjoy opera pieces by sitting on the banks of the river Po and discover lives and history of the greatest Cremonese composers.  



For national and international youth orchestras. Twinning projects are an international cultural exchange opportunity with the Cremonese music institutions, such as music middle schools, music high schools Stradivari and Monteverdi and youth orchestra Mousikè. After some practices in the city band rooms, you may join the group for a collective performance.


It is also possible to go on a river cruise and take excursions from April to September to sightsee Cremona from the motorships of Navigazione Interna srl.

Musiche dal Po offers live performances on the motoships, from Ensemble Ponchielli (a group composed of local music professors). The performance will take place in historic dress to reflect and enhance the historical and cultural background.



Piazza Marconi 4, 26100 Cremona (CR)

P.IVA / C.F: 01684010190

REA: 193361


telefono: 3933557683
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